Author: Jim Reppond

The Banana Story

Understanding the back-story of the current apartment construction boom in Seattle helps us understand why people feel so impacted and have become so impassioned about it. This video by Mike Dupre, of Dupre + Scott Apartment Advisors (local multi-family investment research analysts) lays out the detailed data. Mike Dupre “Once you adjust for the size …

Efficient ways to get around Seattle

Seattle has some good options if you don’t want to spend your commuting time tied up in traffic driving your car. And don’t forget Sound Transit’s Light Rail!   Link Light Rail: Seattle/King County Metro Schedules and Maps: Seattle Bike Paths: Seattle Ride Sharing Services: Washington State Ferry Schedules:

Seattle Region Still a Top Destination for Chinese Real Estate Investment

Despite the economic slowdown in China, Chinese investors are still having a major influence in the Greater Seattle Real Estate Market.  For the 12 month-period ending March 2015 buyers from China purchased $28.6 billion in real estate in the United States. That’s up from $22 billion a year ago, according to NAR’s 2015 Profile of …