Coldwell Banker launches Housetrology

What's your House SignSeems everyone is scrambling to create Web 2.0 apps that work with Facebook these days. And Coldwell Banker is no exception. They just launched Housetrology, which you can download from the Coldwell Banker Homepage.

What's Your House Sign?
Housetrology is a cute psychological online quiz that is designed to determine what is the right style of home for you. Users are given a series of pictures to choose from that requires you to select their preferences in food, art, lifestyles, etc. Then, Housetrology tells you what would be the right type of home for you.

When you finish the quiz you see your selections along with the people who had similar responses to you. Then you can invite your Facebook friends to take the quiz, or go straight to searching for homes that fit your profile. This is a great way for Coldwell Banker to tap into the younger social network focused demographic. To create this, Coldwell Banker enlisted the help of Dr. Ruth Peters, a family psychologist and special correspondent to NBC's Today Show to interpret the results and offer additional perspective on how home buyers can balance emotional and practical issues when looking for the home of their dreams.

Housetrology Facebook webpage
For more information go to where I saw the original announcement, and if you are already a Facebook member, feel free to try it out on my Facebook page.