Coldwell Banker Ranked Highest Among Sellers According to JD Power

JD Powers award logoThe 2009 Home Buyer/Seller Study by J.D. Power surveyed 2,801 people who bought or sold a home between April 2007 and June 2008. JD Powers gauges customer satisfaction with seven of the largest real estate brokerage franchises across the US. While Keller Williams took the overall award with a score barely over Coldwell Banker's, it was clear that the variety of value added services Coldwell Banker provided their clients put them way over the top with Sellers.

In these tough times and tight markets, one factor stood out: The importance of additional services has increased considerably. Agents expertise and recommendations in areas like inspections, appraisals, legal issues, home warranties, and moving companies have become increasingly important to home buyers and sellers.

JD Power Coldwell Banker ranked highest chart highlight

In a tight market, every aspect of service offered will be scrutinized very closely. For this reason, it is critical for real estate companies to promote the value that they bring to buyers and sellers, not only in any additional services they offer, but also in their agents and operations.” said Jim Howland, senior director of the real estate and construction practice at J.D. Power and Associates.

Agents who have these skills and resources, and know how to market them effectively are doing well.