Cosmo owners loosing even more views

DPD Project 3008340Looks like the owners at the Cosmopolitan are going to loose even more of their view to the south than they thought they would. Boy, these condo owners have really been treated poorly, IMO.

According to the City of Seattle Department of Planning, the Developer of the office building to the south that is under construction has applied for a change in their building permit to build two stories higher than originally planned.

The original building plans called for a 14 story office building, which was the equivalent of about the 19th floor on the Cosmo building. That would knock out any views to the south for people living on those floors or lower. Now it will stretch up even further blocking up to around the 21st floor, I would presume.

This comes after owners learned of the building to the west revised their building plans to go up to 34 stories from the original 13 stories, effectively blocking any view towards the west with a building just 16 feet away!