Find Homes for Sale on Your iPhone

8520iPhone App for Seattle Real EstateThese days everyone is using their mobile phone for everything. Why not for searching for homes too? It makes perfect sense that you want to find out about properties when you see one for sale on the spot. Before you ask, yes, an Android version is coming soon. iPhone has a bigger market-share right now so developers are quicker to release iPhone Apps. I predict most agents will offer this soon, just like they now almost all have a website or web presence for marketing. If your agent doesn't have an app yet, maybe you should consider working with one that does!

Using Google Maps, my iPhone app will show you 50 listings at a time and if you zoom in you can see them all. You can also use a filter for price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. so you only see listings on the map you might be interested in. Of course you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. But you can also email or call me right there from the Property Detail View to get more info or schedule an appointment to see it.

You may have noticed my iPhone App promoted here and on my other websites, like That will let you download it through iTunes where you can sync it to your iPhone. But you can also install it directly on your phone by searching for MyAgent by IDX. Or if you're reading this and you have an iPhone in your hand with QR Reader installed, just open the app and point your iPhone to this QR code and it will send you to the Apple Mobile App Store to download it. Don't forget to enter my agent code 8520 and it will take you to all the Seattle Area listings for sale. And yes, it's FREE!

QRcode - MyAgent iPhone App