“Get back in the house! Get back in the house!”

swat.jpgIs what was yelled at myself and my clients while trying to lock up and leave a home on the Eastside on Saturday morning. To make the situation even more exciting, this was being said by a cop with a fully automatic weapon pointed at us. AWESOME. (Said dripping with sarcasm).

Although I am still a little unsure of the entire situation, it seemed that someone was going a little bit crazy inside of a near home in the area and law enforcement was called. Thus, we were locked up in the house for nearly an hour, waiting for said lunatic to chill out. Well, they did, and we went on our merry way to finish our tour. My clients weren't too fazed, but I, being from sleepy and reeee-laxed little Eugene, was a little unnerved, but at least it kept our tour exciting;)

This served as a glaring reminder that our jobs as agents are a tad dangerous. Life insurance companies agree, placing Realtors in the same risk category as forklift operators. We are in the car, with strangers, all the time. Driving at all hours in all weather conditions, all the time. Placing ourselves in vacant homes, sometimes not in the best of neighborhoods, all the time. Agents, take caution! Be on the defense all the time! And listen when yelled at to get back in the house:)

Disclaimer: this was not a bad neighborhood by any means, and judging by the reaction of the neighbors upon our long awaited exit, this was the most exciting thing to happen in a looooooong time.