Google Mobile with Voice Recognition for iPhone is Released.

Google Mobile Application logo

After a few hiccups getting Apple to post the newly announced Google Mobile application on iTunes, it's finally here! There are a number of cool things you can do with Google Mobile. Any of motion and/or GPS related applications will create a “wow factor” response. But the the new Google Mobile app is going to blow those away. Just look at the video below and imagine how non-iPhone owners jaws are going to drop when they see this.

Google Mobile Application IconThe integration of the iPhone's GPS and Google Maps makes it particularly useful when looking for local locations. There's no need to specify where you are because Google Mobile App now has Search with My Location. Search for “movie showtimes” or “Japanese restaurant” and you'll automatically see results based on your current location. For this to work, Location Services must be enabled on your iPhone and you have to opt-in to let Google Mobile App use your location. Another slick integrated feature is the way Google Mobile app uses the iPhone's motion sensor to start recoding your voice when you lift the phone to your ear.


Jott application iconGoogle is not the first to offer cool voice recognition features on the iPhone. Jott is a voice-to-text application that can do a number of tasks for you, including updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts, seting appointments on your Outlook or Google Calendar, and even post blogs to WordPress, TyperPad or Live Journal blog accounts .Recently Jott added Zillow to there list of cool services. With the Zillow function you can just say the address and within a minute or so you receive an SMS showing the Zestimation of the property. How cool is that?