I’m now at eXp Realty!

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Well, some of you already know this. And others may just be tuning into by blog to see if it's true. And yes it is. Jim Reppond made a change in employment. Effective April 5, 2010 I resigned at Coldwell Banker Bain and joined eXp Realty.

Some of you are saying eXp who? And others are saying, who cares? Well, for the record, I CARE!? And if you don't that's fine too. And for those asking “who is eXp?” more of that to come later.

I want to first thank all the wonderful people I was so blessed to be able to associate with at Coldwell Banker nationally, as well as locally at the CBBain affiliate. The decision did not come lightly and I had to do some serious soul searching before I made the move. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You will always be close to my heart!

That said, I am thrilled with the move and very excited to be part of the most dynamic and forward-thinking real estate team on the planet. It's literally like stepping into the future when you go to work at eXp Realty. Everything is so ahead of it's time. We work in a virtual office, everyone uses Google Docs, agents get paid bonuses for blogging, and the company is rapidly growing and quickly becoming a significant national presence adding states almost daily. When I was assigned my email (through Gmail, of course) I had 89 emails waiting for me from people welcoming me and giving me tips and tutorials on how to do stuff, etc. But if I needed help I could just go to the company Wiki where it's all organized. You get the picture.

eXp Virtual Meeting

Many of you have never heard of eXp Realty. But a lot of people have heard of their website, They have been at the top of Google's organic searches for the term “Seattle Real Estate” for years. They have a huge following of perspective buyers who use their site to search and find a Realtor.

At it's heart, real estate is still a relationship business. Whether you work in a traditional bricks-and-mortar shop, or you meet in virtual conference rooms, or you arrange every appointment at a Starbucks. No one wants to list with or buy a home from an avatar. But that doesn't mean agents should run away from technology and tools they can use to better serve their clients, either. I'm proud to be part of a “let's embrace the opportunities ” family. I feel like I am at home now.