Maple Leaf Community vs. Development

Waldo Hospital in Maple Leaf: 39 new homes proposed…what's the environmental impact?

Waldo old buildingMonday evening there were 100+ at the public meeting held to allow members of the Maple Leaf community voice their concerns about the proposal to tear down the old Waldo Hospital (located at 8511 15th Ave NE).

It was Prescott Development vs. Maple Leaf residents for about two hours. I would say that the main concerns that came up were in reference to the asbestos and other air borne chemicals (mercury, radon, lead, molds) that could potentially enter the water reservoir during tear down of the old Camp Fire building. Other hot topics were the plans to remove over half of the trees in the urban forest which would harm the bald eagle population. Parking and traffic issues were voiced also.

Maple Leaf residents are trying to get the city to conduct a Environmental Impact Study and are encouraging emails to the city to get this done.

For more information visit and to see more about the meeting that took place see  Interesting stuff…