Martin Sheen vs. Brian Buffini

Phelps Cornflakes boxI was kind of shocked to see that Kellogg was dumping Michael Phelps for his now infamous “bong incident”. I thought his heartfelt apologies on Facebook and seemingly sincere regret would be enough to convince the forgiving hearts of the American public and therefore his sponsors. Turns out that was not such a good idea give him the boot after all. Maybe Kellogg should have looked at their own market research data and realized many of their “midnight munchies” consumers were serious pot activists.

I was even more shocked to hear that Phelps was pulled from the Power Within Conference in Calgary Canada and replaced with Martin Sheen! Martin Sheen? He seems so inappropriate as a motivational speaker.

Inspire Me

If you wanted to motivate and inspire me to be a better real estate agent and to feel empowered to make a positive difference in people's lives, I'll take Brian Buffini any day over either Michael or Martin. I know his $450 a month Clubnet Coaching system is pretty steep in these tough economic times, but as a guest speaker he can't be beat.