New Fremont Building Going “Deep Green”

An international construction company is planning to raise the bar of energy efficiency in Fremont by going “Deep Green”. It's not a secret code name like the infamous “Deep Throat” title given to a newspaper source in the 1970's. But it is a little used term to describe a sustainable design vision by the City of Seattle. Their goal is to achieve the highest level of practical sustainable buildings through the Living Building Pilot Program by providing flexibility in the Seattle Land Use code.
34th and Stone Way - Now
N 35th and Stone Way – Now

34th and Stone Way - Then
N 35th and Stone Way – Then

Skanska, the international construction company developing the site, is planning a number of clever features for this building that will make it a great example of energy and water efficiency. Energy and water use is anticipated to be 75% or less of average comparable buildings.

Passive Solar Convection StairwayAnother energy-saving design feature is a passive cooling system through natural convective heat transfer in the glassed-in stair feature. These features fit in with the City of Seattle's Living Building Pilot Program efficiency requirements.

There is some opposition by the Wallingford Community Council, but Seattle's advisory Northeast Design Review Board has approved the proposed design anyway. The board will have to make a number changes to the rules, but the board seems confident the city council will go along with it.

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