NWMLS to Allow Multiple Data Feeds

NWMLS treesI was tipped off on Facebook, by someone who heard it from someone who was told, that the 3 feed limit for brokerage rule is going to change soon. So I called the NWMLS and got confirmation that this is indeed one of the rule changes to be implemented in October.

What does this mean? It means agents with property search features on their websites (like me!) will no longer be restricted to just one or two providers. We can work with whoever our brokers will allow us to and provide the best search features that the marketplace has to offer.

The consumer will definitely be the winner in this as it will open the door to innovation and diversity and allow agents who have been tied to a vendor out of necessity the freedom of choice.

(Hat-tip to Jason Reese, the guy who puts together the EastsideCondoReport blog.)