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If you've been to a barcamp you know this already. Barcamps are are turning conferences and learning events from organized conferences into unreal unconferences, with amazing results! A long time ago I was an educator and learned that people's peak learning ability happens when they engage themselves in a topic or subject that they themselves initiated. It's that human trait called curiosity at it's finest.

What better way to create that environment than to have a group of people with a common passion, such as real estate and technology, get together and have breakout sessions based on topics that the attendees are focused on at that moment? Common obstacles, frustrations, and solutions are all discussed and shared. People find the common ground of experiences that breaks down walls of competition and egos. And people walk away feeling they gained much more than just knowledge.

You may have heard people rave about these experiences and wondered if it some kind of cult. It's not. But there is definitely a “fan boy” following of these events on Twitter and Facebook. And some of the superstars of REbarcamps will be visiting from out of town, including the keynote speaker Ian Watt.

Ian is a very successful agent from Vancouver who is well known for his short videos on real estate topics he records while he his driving. Well, even though I've been doing them longer, I think Ian does a better job producing them. He is a master of marketing and technology and dominates his downtown Vancouver condo market.

The price of this event is perfect – FREE! But you need to RSVP or their may not be enough food for you. So head on over to the website and get yourself registered!

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