Ruby Condos

Located at the corner of Eastlake Ave and E. Allison, Ruby Condos is Eastlake's newest new construction condos. Slated for completion for late 2008, Ruby Condos will be 4 stories (wood frame construction) over concrete structured parking, with 52 homes featuring one bedrooms and open one bedrooms.

ruby.jpgLike a lot of new construction as of late, the building will not be amenity heavy (keeps HOD's low!). There will be a 2nd floor terrace and the homes on that second level will each have a private, landscaped area. There will also be a public area for the residents to take in the sparkling views of Lake Union.

The lighting for the building is being done under the Built Green program. Extensive landscaping on the terrace also meets the city's green factor code.

The sales center for the building will be opening in October (ish) and will be on-site. From what I know about the pricing, it seems to be a very reasonable price point. Will publish more info on pricing as I have it.

I think this will be a popular building for those who want a very short commute to UW, as they only have to cross the University Bridge. It will also be a good alternative for those that want to live in Eastlake but want a newer building, given that the inventory age tends to be quite a bit older in Eastlake. I love the look of the building, and the use of color. The views from the units should be spectacular.