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Snarky Girls blog logoOkay. I admit it. I'm a sucker for anything real estate related on the internet. And if it has as salacious hottie involved as well I'm easy seduced. (American male with a libido, guilty as charged). But when Snarky Girls started there trans-Atlantic politically-incorrect banter, I was both amused and intrigued. I've been an avid follower of and Diggnation podcasts despite of, or because of, my both liberal and conservative viewpoints (guess that's why they call us independents). I love seeing how people share humor through video.

So if you enjoy edgy humor, these hot real estate babes are DEFINITELY worth watching. If not just to get a perspective of what people are really thinking, but not willing to to say out loud. These ladies are not afraid to share their view and don't disappoint in their obviously biased perspectives.
Lani Anglin-Rosales photoLani Anglin-Rosales – A beer drinking, BBQ eating Texan who is Media Director for (who's motto has something to do with “keeping it up”). She is a proud American who tells it like it is and is knows she's right – God Bless her.
Poppy Dinsey photoPoppy Dinsey – a London born-and-raised native real estate tech professional who loves Britain, if not the weather they have been blessed with, who pulls no punches about why the UK has an edge over the US when comes to topics such as Football vs. Soccer or politics.

Recently I posed a question relating to real estate agents here in Seattle:

What do you think of metro-sexual real estate agents?

In their usual candid style, here's what they said:

Snarky Girls – Episode #14

Poppy's Take

Lani - Viddler Screenshot 420
Lani's Take

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