The Growing Pains of Roosevelt

The Roosevelt Neighborhood in Seattle is struggling with a contentious property owner who wants to make some major zoning changes in order to build 16-story apartment buildings along 65th Street that will have a substantial impact on the neighborhood. With North Link Light Rail coming some tough choices are ahead.

Seattle Channel 21 (a service of the City of Seattle) aired a great show/podcast earlier this month on the City Inside/Out program that had a panel discussion with Jim O'Halloran from the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association and the Ed Hewson from the Roosevelt Development Group talk about the pros and cons of this major neighborhood development. It's a half-hour show. But if you have an interest in the area, or are interested in issues related to growth in Seattle, it's well worth the time to watch. Here it is:

Seattle Channel video image

The Puget Sound Regional Council says between now and the year 2040 1.7 million people will move into the Seattle area. (visualize moving all the people in Portland INTO Seattle). So these types of discussions are going to need to take place in a lot of Seattle neighborhoods over the coming years.