Washington Legislature Proposes “Anti Common Sense” Legislation (satire)

You never know…

There is a coalition of consumer advocacy groups and legislators who will be proposing a law in the next Washington Legislative session that will outlaw the use of common sense in real estate transactions. According to an early draft of the bill Real Estate Brokers will be barred from saying “That doesn't make any sense” regarding any decree, directive, edict, fiat, ruling; bylaw, regulation, rule; amendment, bill, legislation; martial law; prohibition, restriction; canon, encyclical or law promulgated by any body of duly elected officials in Washington.

Common SenseThe Attorney General's office is frantically trying to understand the definition of the word “sense” and is thinking of proposing a friendly amendment to the legislation which also would ban the use of the word “common” except when used as an adjective to describe unruly weekend Harley riders as in “common thugs”.

The Washington Association of REALTORS has no comment at this time.

The Northwest Multiple Listing Service, in an unrelated action, discontinued the use of its “speak up” comment system and gave its chief legal council a 50% raise in pay.

Credit where credit is due. Written and distributed with permission by E.J. Bowlds, one of Coldwell Banker Bain's Designated Brokers, after many lengthy emails and discussions going over all the new ridiculous laws and regulations.