Where-oh-where will the Trump Tower go?

proposed Trump Tower illustrationSeattle's condo development community is all a buzz about the possibility of a new condo skyscraper to “Trump” all others. In fact, at 82-stories it would become the tallest building in Seattle surpassing the 76-story Columbia Center, according to Spencer Albert of Albert International in his exclusive interview with the Daily Journal of Commerce. Albert has been working with Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's daughter and Vice President of Real Estate Development and Acquisitions for the Trump organization, to find a suitable location for Trump's foray into the Seattle real estate market. Tentative plans call for a dual-tower project: one about 40-stories, and the other 82-stories. The taller tower would include upscale offices and condos, retail and a private club. The smaller tower building would be only as tall as the office phase of the first so as to not block the views of condo residents in the taller structure. A sky bridge would connect the towers at the club level. Parking for the tall tower would be underground. Parking for the smaller would be an automated valet system. (it seems strange to refer to a 40-story building as a “smaller” tower)

To construct an 82-story building you would need to build in Seattle's DOC1 zone, situated west of Interstate 5, between Union and Jefferson streets. Heights in the DOC1 zone are unlimited if developers can meet certain conditions, depending on the building use. The next tallest downtown zoning area limits heights to 500 feet and would require major variances or zone changes, which are highly unlikely.

Map of downtown Core DOC1 Zone area

Preliminary plans include a three-story private club as an amenity in lieu of a hotel for condo residents. Office tenants could join the club, which would be along the lines of Club Cielo, the private social club planned for the Escala condo project currently under construction. That facility will have private dining rooms, a restaurant, spa and fitness center, steam room, spa services, exercise classes and personal trainers, theater, garden terrace and a wine cave. Alpert envisions the towers being “very green” while being high-end. Sustainable features may inlude rain water recycling and energy efficient windows so condo owners could opt out of air conditioning.

So let the speculation begin! Where do you think the site will be?